Our qualified experts – your added value.

Expert knowledge, project experience plus specialization.

Each consultant in our wide pool of FSC experts provides vast expertise and experience in the fields of investment management (investment companies), IT and banking. Furthermore, he brings in his expertise in business processes, system implementation, data migration and project management.

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In addition, our consultants are SCD certified and technically as well as professionally qualified in all key areas of an investment company:

  • Front, middle or back office
  • Fund and investment accounting
  • Migration of client, SCD data
  • Reporting, taxes and tax reporting
  • Legal reporting/registration
  • Financial IT incl. system administration and performance analysis
  • Software testing
  • Customizing and parameterization
  • Training of your staff

When everything matches perfectly you can make optimum use of SCD – and, thanks to our outsourcing and outtasking, better concentrate on your core business.