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FSC project examples.

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Kristine Nenahov, Consultant


Automated market conformity check with Trade Control in SCD

Task: Checking market conformity using SCD for all types of portfolios and financial instruments. Transactions that don’t pass the check are to be indicated to the specialty departments concerned who are asked to provide feedback.

Solution: In a first step, we analyzed the professional requirements and technical possibilities of the SCD Trade Control module. Then we implemented the automated market conformity check by using SCD’s standard functions. We developed a workaround for OTC derivatives by the help of compex data extractors. Finally, the setup was extensively documented.

Result: The successful implementation of an automated market conformity check in SCD brought the following benefits:

  • Enhanced control quality
  • Comprehensible and archivable control results
  • Reduced amounts of work and time



Julian Moog, Junior Consultant


Migration of a Unix-Oracle database

Task: Since we faced the task to migrate a well-tired yet expensive Unix Oracle database system to a less cost intensive server system, this extensive SCD project posed some challenges to us. And there were no compromises to be made on performance, reliability and safety.

Security and uptime of system-relevant data were the highest priority. Which is why in SCD for databases are used only high uptime servers with high performance operating systems – designed to process high amounts of data.

Over many years, Unix systems were without alternative and competition due to their high requirements on performance, scalability, reliability and security.

Solution: Analysis of the rapid development in the x86/x64 hardware sector and open source operating systems such as Linux as well as of the new possibilities for IT environments resulting from this.

Result: Our analysis has shown that Linux in combination with a modern x86/x64 architecture meets all SCD requirements on performance, scalability, reliability, safety and security. Companies that migrate their SCD Oracle database from Unix to Linux get exactly the features and functions they need for their business operations. The benefits of a migration are lower acquisition and operation costs (TCO) as well as higher performance and better cost-performance and performance-user ratios. The system was migrated to Linux at the end of 2010.